P-Cable 3D Seismic System

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Operations on the Bergen Surveyor

Operations on the Bergen Surveyor

The versatile P-Cable™ 3D Seismic System benefits operations in mature as well as frontier regions. Providing proven Hi-Res 3D data for exploration and field development.

Through our partners we also provide post-processing services with de-multiple removal for selected targets. The benefits of P-Cable’s new technology includes the ability to produce low cost high-resolution 3D seismic data with rapid deployment and retrieval from small vessels, as well as high production rates and the ability to acquire data in shallow waters. WGP recently acquired a set of multi-client data in the Barents sea in conjunction with TGS.

System Capabilities:

State of the art P-Cable™ 3D Seismic System manufactured by Geometrics Inc.
The smallest diameter solid stream available, the GeoEel Solid™
Fast deployment (1-2 hrs) from most types of research and industry vessels
Onboard QC processing and brute stack data with PC based processing software
Configuration target – and vessel – dependent

Source Information:

Airguns guns 300 cu in
Depth 2-4 m
Frequency Range 50-350 Hz


GPS with 3 receivers (2 on doors, 1 on gun)
DGPS (accuracy) 1.3 m
RGPS (relative accuracy) 0.15 m
The patented P-Cable concept:

Typical parameters:

25 – 250 km2 survey areas
10 to > 3000 m water depth
6 m spatial resolutions
≥1.5 m vertical resolutions (250 hz)

Production rates:

Up to 8 km2/day
Multiple targets / cubes during one survey

Survey Parameters:

Deployment / Recovery 1-2 hrs
Survey Speed 4.5 kn
Turn Time 20-50 Mins
No. of Streamers 14
In-line Distance 12 m (6 m CMP)
CMP Swat Width 64 m

Recording Parameters:

Streamer depth 1-3m
Active section 25 m
No. of hydrophones 32
Sampling rate 2-4 KHz
Record length 3 x SF

Processing Sequence:

P-Cable navigation and geometry, NMO, binning, stacking and 3d migration (frequencies up to 250 Hz)
Comparison P-Cable 3D vs. conventional 3D. Data by Statoil.


Click here for PDF Specification of the P-Cable System